Social Engagement & Nature Links

We have many wonderful trails of varying difficulty and length.  As well as a variety of other ways to get out in nature. Check out these links for trails and activities near you.

Coastal trail Guide

Mendocino Things to Do Explore the Outdoors

Sierra Club

According to the California Academy of Sciences, citizen science is a global movement through which scientists and non-scientists alike make observations, collect data, and help answer some of our planet’s most pressing questions.  Here is a great video about citizen science that they made.

Local Participatory science opportunities:

Save Our Shorebirds

Mendocino Coast Audubon Society

Mendocino Land Trust

Noyo Center for Marine Science

Salmon Restoration Association

Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center

There are amazing projects spanning outside of Mendocino many of which we can participate in locally.  SciStarter allows you to search for projects by location, or Topic

Other projects that are part of larger organizations

The Great Sunflower Project (bee identification and count)

The Lost Ladybug project

California oak mortality task force

Mission: Citizen Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Have time to dedicate yourself to learn and love nature?  We have an incredible California Naturalist Program.

Western Monarch count Resource Center

For those with eyes on the sky check out Citizen Science Alliance

If you know of or have an opportunity for volunteering or getting out in Nature in a community minded way, please share it with me that I may add it to the list of resources.